Over the years I’ve written articles and press releases for several clients, usually as a ghostwriter. Here I present a select few which I believe highlights my copywriting writing ability.

Aircraft Owner Feels Sky-High About His Grounded Plane 
Here I was asked to write a precis for an article that would be written about how an aircraft owner kept his head out of the clouds and secured his plane with Asphalt Anchors, a specialized grout bolt.

Asphalt Anchors Ice the ‘Donuts’
I was asked to write an article about how Asphalt Anchors helped to install a speed bump in an area that suffered from cars performing donuts. Some research and a witty title later and it was off to the races.

Clayton Gears New Line of Steamers Toward Cheese Manufacturers
An article featured in Cheese Market News magazine about why Clayton Steam generators are less cheesy than competing generators.

Bronco Finds Its Workhorse is Steam
This is a precis for an article I’ve written for Clayton Steam Generators and its use in wine distilling.

Full Steam Ahead
Another article I wrote highlighting how Clayton Steam helps in bread baking and sterilization.

Human Influence On Evolution

A brief overview I wrote about human influence on evolution for a website that summarizes recent scientific articles in layman terms.

You Can’t Fix Introversion
An article I wrote for trying to dispell the myth that being an introvert is something that can, or should, be fixed. Feel free to use reading this as an excuse to not go out tonight.


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