Blog Posts

For a few years I’ve maintained a blog relating to my undergrad major, and a topic I’ve had a keen interest in since I can remember, biology. You can see the whole blog here, but here are a few excerpts that I’m particularly proud of where I try to boil down complex topics into a blog post.

What is a Species?
When you think of a species you probably think of two animals too distinct to mix up, but not so! Here I explain why in biology the concept of a species is tenuous at best.

The Importance of Researching a New Pet
Buying pets is often seen as a fun spur of the moment event. Giving a surprise puppy to a loved one is a common trope. Many events, (such as Easter, Birthdays, and Christmas) may compel people to impulse buy or gift a pet with little to no thought or preparation beforehand. Here I try to persuade the reader why this is a terrible idea for the pet and owner while submitting an alternative.

Analysis of Tide Pods
A short expert on my own personal opinion as to why Tide Pods look somewhat edible.